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Published on 2021-07-02

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The Holy Family Academy High School Library supports the curriculum of the HFA High School as a part of that mission that provides access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources, to ensure that all students, teachers, and staff are effective users of ideas and information.


1. To provide a broad range of media formats to meet the requirements of all curriculum areas, accommodating diverse learning skills and styles of users with varying maturity and ability levels;
2. To participate effectively in the school program as it strives to meet the needs of the students, teachers and other members of the community.
3. To collaborate with teachers and administrators in the selection, acquisition and use of all types of resources that will support and reinforce the curriculum;
4. To motivate and encourage reading habits of students, to meet the research needs and to train the students in the use and care of valuable library resources.
5. To organize the collection for easy access and dissemination.
6. To inform the faculty of development in educational resources and technology and keep them abreast with the best ideas and practices in education ; and
7. To preserve, secure and sustain relevant resources for the present and future use of the members of the HS community.

Services offered

1. Instructional Services such as reader’s guidance, user orientation program, hands-on demonstration.
2. Technical Services including selection, and ordering of materials, cataloging, binding, processing, etc.
3. Loan of library materials
∎ Circulation-Reserve collection
∎ Filipiniana collection
∎ Special collection
∎ Instructional Media collection
∎ General Reference collection
4. Research Service
a. Reference service – this is providing answers to inquiries regarding bibliographical research and other research problems.
b. Reader’s service – this are the advices or assistance given to a reader in location a book.
c. Recreational service – newspaper/periodicals are provided for recreational reading.
5. Outreach Service – accessibility of the library for outsiders particularly the alumni as part of its community services.
6. Information and referrals
7. Internet Services – the provision of the internet section helps the students in their research and abreasting themselves in the use of the World Wide Web.
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IMC Hours
   Monday to Friday
   7:20 AM to 5:20 PM
   8:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Audio Visual Center Hours
   Monday to Friday
   7:20 AM to 4:20 PM
   8:00 AM to 11:30 AM

           Romance Novel
           Science Fiction